First Choice Energy
Renewable Sources

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The majority of the energy that we use in our daily lives comes from sources that cause pollution. First Choice Energy can help you reduce your carbon footprint and achieve a sustainability lifestyle in your home, at work and in your community. 

We are able to achieve these sustainability goals by taking advantage of renewable energy sources which cannot be depleted. These sources include sun, wind, water, biomass, and geothermal energy. 

Solar Energy

Solar energy uses the power of the sun and converts this into clean electricity for our homes, businesses, and communities. Solar energy is captured and converted in a few ways, with the most common being photovoltaic solar panels. Thanks to improved technology the installation of solar panels has become extremely popular among homes and businesses. It’s not always a simple decision as there are several factors which can impact a buyers ROI. 

First Choice Energy can help home owners and businesses take advantage of the benefits solar power can provide without having to install any solar panels on their property.

Wind Energy

Wind turbines capture the natural energy of the wind turning it into electricity. A single wind turbine can generate enough electricity for a small community, while large wind farms can generate power for a small city.   

Wind energy has become increasingly more popular and affordable in recent years as technology has advanced in this space. First Choice Energy customers are all provided 100% national wind contracts at no additional cost. 


Hydroelectricity has been one of the most reliable and oldest sources of renewable energy in the United States. Hydroelectricity or better known as hydro power is generated using the current of moving water. The path of this water is blocked using a dam and is directed through a turbine. The natural force of the spinning turbine rotates a generator which creates electricity. 

Every state in the United States uses some form of hydroelectricity to power their homes and businesses. All First Choice Energy customer have the option to purchase 100% hydroelectricity renewable energy credits. 


Biomass is another renewable source that’s not in short supply. Biomass uses organic matter such as plant and animal waste as it’s main source of power. Although both are converted differently the outcome is the same – 100% sustainable electricity. Plant waste such as excess crops, wood chips, and other matter is burned to heat water creating steam. While animal waste is collected in a large tank or pond to create methane which is used to heat water which creates steam. This steam spins a turbine which powers the main generator and creates electricity. 

All first choice customers have the option to purchase 100% locally sourced biomass renewable energy credits. 

Budget certainty for your home

Don’t get caught off guard by rising energy costs. First Choice Energy fixed-rate contracts provide budget certainty for your home. These fully hedged products provide protection from the market during volatility. All First Choice Energy products include 100% renewable energy so you can easily track your positive impact on the environment.

Eliminate Upside Risk

Fully hedged products offer protection from market volatility.

Budget Certainty

Lock in your electricity and natural gas pricing for the duration of the contract.

100% Clean Energy

All First Choice Energy Contracts include 100% renewable energy.